“Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks” by Dr.J. 

God has given us instructions through Paul’s letters to the church of Thessalonica: 

  1.  Rejoice Always 
  2. Pray Continually and  
  3. Give Thanks in All Circumstances

Wow! I had to repent when I studied this again today. If we would only implement these three instructions throughout the day, daily. We forfeit so much peace because we don’t do these three things. 

Can you imagine rejoicing “always?” Always? I’ve had some situations to occur during which rejoicing was the farthest weapon from my mind. But oh what if we do think of rejoicing at the onset of the attack? It demonstrates our complete faith and trust in God. It is a rendering of praises to God because we know what God can do. Rejoice always. 

How do we pray continually? I don’t know about you but I’m always in a state of prayer or communication with God. Even in my flesh moments I will just say “Lord help me. Lord help me. Help me Jesus. I need You Holy Spirit.” On my most spiritual days I’m walking in Walmart praying. I pray while waiting on the movie to start. I walk in the post office just thanking Him. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate prayer but just constant communication with God. We consult God before any and every decision. And although we will still miss the mark in our flawed human state, we have a relationship with a God who will rescue us in our time of trouble. Pray continually. 

Now Lord, we need you right here. Give thanks in ALL circumstances. Lord did you say ALL to brother Paul? Ok yes Holy Spirit- ALL. So if our money is running really low, give thanks? If our spouse is walking out on us, give thanks? If our name is being scandalized, give thanks? If our friends have deserted us, give thanks? If we are jobless, homeless, and hungry, give thanks? If we are suffering with a disease, give thanks? Yes? Then believers, in ALL things we must give thanks. Why? We know that even if God didn’t cause what happened to us, God CAN cause it to work together for our good. We give thanks because we are privileged to suffer as our Lord and Savior suffered for us. We give thanks just because God is all powerful. We do all three of these things because it is God’s will for our lives in Christ Jesus. Dr.J. 

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