“Heart Check” by Dr.J.

So when they stared at you and gossiped about you, you made subliminal or blatant remarks about them in social media? When they talked down to you and treated you like you were less than a man, you cussed them out? See, how we respond to the vessels (people) being used by the devil to come against us shows where WE are spiritually. We ALL have room to grow, don’t we? We will take matters into our own hands and mouths in a heartbeat, won’t we? So we aren’t that different from our attackers, are we? No- not if we don’t let God handle them for us. It’s hard in the flesh- I KNOW. But there are so many Psalms to pray to help us through our attacks. Let God handle His people. There isn’t any need for ALL of us to get in trouble for being under demonic influence. The battle is spiritual. Never repay evil for evil. Romans Chapter 12 helps me tremendously. Attacks are good! They show US where WE need to grow and improve spiritually. The true test is to love our attackers. Where do we stand in love? Dr.J. 

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