“You Can’t Attack Your Attacker” by Dr.J. 

This is a hard lesson. I found myself “spiritually” analyzing the vessels who are used in spiritual attacks against me. “What did I do to them? Why are they susceptible to being used by the devil?” Holy Spirit snapped me out of my “spiritual” analytical state and said, “You are all used by the enemy at some point or another.” We can’t be deceived by the enemy and linger in our analytical “woe is me” flesh. Pull out every spiritual weapon in your arsenal and fight back “spirit versus spirit.” In Isaiah 40, God asks us if we think He has disregarded our cause. No, He hasn’t. He sees us. He knows our plight. But there is something greater and much bigger at stake that supersedes our problems- the kingdom of God. It doesn’t make us feel good immediately but understanding the severity of the kingdom being at hand helps us to put our problems into perspective. I mean, God never sleeps, He never gets weary, and He never grows tired. Do your part (I know it’s hard in the flesh.). Fast. Pray. Put the Word on your problems. Stop looking at the vessels (people) and strategize against the spirit that’s using the vessels. We can’t attack our physical attackers. I’m a living, breathing testimony. Keep still. Dr.J. 

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