“There is No Competition” by Dr.J.

“How many unbelievers did you reach today? 7? Aw man! I only reached 5. I’m going to one up you tomorrow!” What strategies do you use to witness? Who is your target audience? How do you articulate who Jesus is daily? How can I make my witness more authentic? Which territory will you cover? How can we reach more territory? I’m new in ministry, can you mentor me? The Holy Spirit led me to minister about ____. What about you? I don’t feel as comfortable addressing these biblical principles; can you help me? I get nervous when I have to ____; can you help me? How do you align everything you do with the message, “the kingdom of heaven is at hand?” We’re stronger together. Period. So we have to stop allowing the quarrels within us and the external enemy to separate us. Forgive offenses, heal inwardly, and team up for the kingdom. It’s much too serious and urgent in the world for competitiveness, suspicion, and envy IN THE BODY. We aren’t ignorant of the devil’s devices. Let’s pray for each other. Let’s love each other. Let’s help each other. Flaws and all. Let’s compete for soul winning “together” – friendly, loving, kingdom-minded competition only IN THE BODY. Dr.J. 

“Playing the Victim” by Dr.J.

We have so many offenses that Jesus has had to cover in our lifetime and before we were even born. However, in our human proclivity to sin, we struggle covering the offenses of others. In my purging process (yesssss more stuff is in here), Holy Spirit showed me how I played the role of victim all too well. God said to me, “Do you trust me beloved?” I’m like, “Trust You? Yes I trust You. What does trust have to do with me being a victim of offenses? The enemy is always messing with me – using people!” Jesus! 

Holy Spirit revealed to me that if I trust God and that He is in control of my life, how can I be a victim? If it’s happening to me, God’s hand is on me so He is allowing it for my good. My God! Foster love in your offenses. If someone offends you, show him love. Foster love. Create an atmosphere of love. Is it discernment or suspicion? Love believes the best.

Have you ever made the mistake of repeating the offense? I don’t mean doing it back to them -that too- but I mean “saying it” to someone else. Do you have a circle of friends or coworkers or even your spouse to whom you repeat the offenses done to you and to/with whom you talk about your offenders? I had to holler when I read this scripture. Jesus! 

Proverbs‬ ‭17:9‬ ‭NIV‬‬ “Whoever would foster love covers over an offense, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends.”

‭‭We have to stop repeating the offenses, giving power to it, and causing dissension, conflict, and separation between and among people. 

“The ripping up of faults is the ripping out of love, and nothing tends more to the separating of friends, and setting them at variance, than the repeating of matters that have been in variance.” -Blue Letter Bible

Pray about offenses and offenders. Pray and ask God to show you your heart. Why am I offended? Why am I playing the victim when I’m clearly the victor through Christ Jesus? Why am I running and telling my best friends and/or spouse about people when it causes dissension? 

Holy Spirit help us. Help us not to be offended and not to repeat the offenses done to us. Continue to purge us and reveal our hearts to us in Jesus’s name. Dr.J. 

“Stop Being Offended” by Dr.J.

We have to stop being offended in Jesus’s name. Proverbs 19:11 says it is to our glory and ultimately the glory of God to overlook an offense. Is the opposite true? Is it to our detriment to hold on to offenses and anger in our hearts? I would say “yes!” We need to let it go. We need to make a spiritual effort this week to overlook all offenses and to love on our offenders. The enemy is going to use some people this week to offend you. So instead of focusing on offenses, let’s ask Holy Spirit to show us our own hearts. What’s in “me” Lord that causes me to be offended? That’s our focus. Fix our hearts so that we aren’t bothered…for real. 

Overlook offenses people of God. Seek revelation about your own spirit in Jesus’s name. To be able to do this, we have to trust God. It is to YOUR GLORY to to overlook offenses. Dr.J. 

“Can You Add One Hour to Your Life?” Dr.J.

God helps us to keep things in perspective doesn’t He? Jesus says since we can’t do the “very little thing” of adding an hour to our lives, what are we worrying about the rest for? 

Wow! To Jesus, adding an hour to a life is a simple thing! Now if that doesn’t help us to understand how powerless we are and powerful He is, I don’t know what will. Stop worrying right now. What good is it doing? Can we alone change our situations? Pray. Pray without ceasing. Pray continually. God is sovereign. He knows everything about us. He isn’t some distant, uncaring mystical being. He is God “with us.” He knows our problems. He knows what we need. He wants us to trust Him. Put your trust where your worry is. Do it now in Jesus’s name. You’ve been up all weekend worrying about “the rest” – bills, lack of money, your child, your next steps, your career, some trouble you got into, the disease, your boss, your past, your past, your past… Stop it now. The One who numbers the hairs on your head has your life in His hands. He can extend time for you or wipe time out for this entire world. Trust God. Dr.J. 

“Jesus, I Repent” by Dr.J.

“We have to repent because we put faith in what we have instead of Who we have.” Pastor George C. Miller III

What is my focus Lord? Refocus me if I don’t have a laser like focus on You. My faith is in You alone and not my limited ability. I humble myself in Your presence always God! 

If I have made a job, money, or resources my focus and not You, I repent.

If I have made a person more important that You, I repent.

If I have made the idea of something more important than You, I repent. 

I don’t place the blame for my current circumstances on anyone God and especially not You Lord. I’m just checking to make sure all back doors are closed now so the enemy can’t creep in again with a “simple suggestion” to deceive me. Forgive me Lord! 

Have you allowed the enemy to seduce you in any area? He is subtle and you may not even know you were seduced. Search your heart too. Repent now. 

‭‭1 Chronicles‬ ‭21:1 “Now Satan entered the scene and seduced David into taking a census of Israel.”

“Why Am I Still Single? Wrong Motives” by Dr.J.

“Why do I want a mate?” We have to ask ourselves that question and then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the motives in our hearts. 

Kingdom marriages (God ordained the marriages for the upbuilding of the kingdom of heaven.) are for the purpose of ministry. So if you’re a believer, you have a greater mission besides fulfilling a desire for companionship. When God connects us with our mates, it is for His ministry and our personal ministry with our families. If we aren’t faithful to His ministry as a single, we won’t just automatically become faithful when we get married. So what do we want a mate for? Are the motives selfish? For sex? For show? For help with finances? Just because we’re lonely? Survey our homes, our finances, our spiritual lives. Do we take care of our business now? Our children now? We have to let the Holy Spirit work on us now. Marriage is a serious ministry and if we want it for the wrong motives, it can end in disaster. We need to be built up in the Lord and so does our mate to be able to handle the attacks that come against marriage because oh Satan is coming. Do a motive check and let God fix the quarrels we’re having on the inside for things we don’t have. Then He can prepare our hearts for a mate. Remember, heaven is the goal through Jesus Christ. Dr.J. 

“Why Am I Still Single? Idolatry!” by Dr.J.

Holy Spirit put singles’ ministry on my heart for the past couple of weeks. I have been interceding for and crying out for singles all over the world. Holy Spirit has given me a few scriptures and topics to explore with singles that I pray will bless you and help you in your single state. Do not despair. God loves us so much and He sees us. He knows the desires of our hearts. He knows what’s best for us. He created time. If we would put our hope and trust in Him and set our minds on heavenly things, we will have perfect peace. God bless singles all over the world and heal their broken hearts. 

We have become so caught up with the idea of a mate or marriage that we’ve lost focus of why we’re really here. We’ve lost focus of the world being a temporary holding place until Jesus returns. Yes. God created us with the desire to have a mate and He even said it is good for us. But we absolutely cannot make anyone, anything, or the idea of anyone or anything into an idol. God knows our hearts. He knows if we’re just going through the motions with Him so that He will give us a mate. Pray and ask Holy Spirit to really and truly transform your heart so that you want God more than anything. We wake up, live, and go to sleep longing for what we don’t have. All our actions and activities are aligned with our desire to have someone. God says no. We must wake up, live, and go to sleep longing for a relationship with Him. One delay in having a mate may be because of idolatry in our hearts. God fix our hearts then give us the desires of our hearts when they are aligned with Your desires. Dr.J.