“Give It To God Again” by Dr.J.

Are there some things that you “said” you gave to God? Are there situations that you “said” you were going to trust God to handle? Every now and then though you feel this weight and heaviness in your chest. Once in a while you feel a spirit of heaviness or sadness. You also feel anxiety in an overwhelming sense. Well maybe you really did give it to God but at some point- in your mind, heart, or spirit – you picked it back up…again. And I get it…
Some of the things we have to deal with are so grave, disheartening, serious, and severe that when we don’t “see” God moving in the natural realm, we pick it back up…again. When we “look” at the magnitude of our situations in the natural, we know we can’t do anything about it. So we need to cast down the imaginations and high thoughts. We need to cast out the sickness of fear in our hearts. And we need to renounce the spirit of heaviness. We have to fight with prayer and hearing the Word aloud. We have to open up our mouths and make professions of the Word of God. But first, we have to give it back to God…again. Cheating spouses, no spouse, wayward child, addictions, childhood abuse, diseases passed down or transmitted, debt, money issues, incest, and job issues – God can handle it. Please believe. Dr.J. 

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“Got Bitterness? Renounce That Spirit!” by Dr.J.

The situation and the person hurt you badly. Every time you think about it, you get a bitter taste in your spirit. The enemy uses bitterness to tie us to the hurt. The devil uses bitterness to keep us from forgiving. He uses bitterness to stunt our growth and our progress. So we begin to relive the bitter moment over and over again. The enemy deceives us into believing that we can’t squeeze out the last drop of bitterness and be healed and made whole. Satan is always lying. The divorce, loss, infidelity, slander, betrayal, lies, sexual violation, and disease may have lasting effects and permanent scars but the bitterness doesn’t have to last. The hurt doesn’t have to last. The anger doesn’t have to last. Bitterness destroys us from the inside out. God will heal us from our hurts. Then, we will engage the enemy and renounce the spirit of bitterness before it surfaces. We cut bitterness off at the root in Jesus’s name. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and in the authority of the name of Jesus, I renounce the spirit of bitterness. Holy Spirit fill us now with Your sweet, sweet Spirit in this place. Dr.J.
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“Lord Help Me Today” by Dr.J.

If I move beyond today in my mind, tomorrow can be overwhelming to me. The spirit of anxiety creeps in when we look past today, too far ahead. See, when we look up to God, He gives us directions about what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. He gives us our “next steps.” I dare you to look up TODAY. Ask God to help you in your situation TODAY. Ask God to meet your need TODAY. Ask God to bless you and your family TODAY. Ask God to help you in your finances TODAY. Ask God to give you a reprieve TODAY. Ask God for a divine delay TODAY. Ask God to protect you from your enemies TODAY. Ask God to help you make decisions aligned to His Word TODAY. 

We only get that sick anxious, worrying spirit when we’ve allowed the enemy to show us scenes in our heads about tomorrow, next month, and next year. Shut the devil’s movie down. Don’t look ahead. Look up. All the direction and help you need comes from up there. Dr.J. 

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