“God Sees Your Broken Heart” by Dr.J.

Woman of God, God sees your broken heart. He knows how hurt you are that you trusted “man” with everything you have – your heart, mind, soul, time, resources, and your body. 

God knows that you feel thrown away and used now that “man” has no more use for you. He sees when “man” mistreats you, unfriends you, ignores your texts, leaves you when you need him most, snaps at you like you are an animal, is downright mean to you, and uses your sisters just like he used you. 

He sees you alone in bed at night fighting the spirits “man” left behind. 

He sees how your resources have been drained and strained from trying to buy love, support, and companionship. He sees how you opened your heart and your legs just to receive love – if only for three minutes.

He heard you say, “just spend the night, please.” He heard you pleading for a public date. He heard you begging not to be kept a secret anymore. He heard him answer, “No!”

God wants to heal you. He doesn’t want you to ever put another man before Him. He doesn’t ever want you to choose a man that He didn’t choose for you. He says that you are not to be toyed with or played for a fool. You are His princess.

Carry yourself like a queen. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or what was done to you. It doesn’t matter what you may have contracted. It doesn’t matter if your last night was last night. It doesn’t matter if “man” doesn’t want you any more. God still wants you. 

Please don’t cry. God has a plan for you. You’re beautiful. You’re necessary for the kingdom. God sees your broken heart but more importantly, God wants to mend your broken heart. Let Him. Dr.J. #daughtersofaKing

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