“Perilous Times” by Dr.J.

We might just infiltrate strategically determined places (i.e., oppressed areas, crime, poverty, low socio economic, or where demonic activity is high) with prayer, deliverance, healing, speaking in tongues, confessions, renunciations and the like! Not our typical outreach.

We may declare a world wide fast for seven days, a 265 million man and woman fast. 

Preachers would preach about sin and the wrath of God and end times. 

We may declare prayer time for strategic prayer vigils at the same time across the country or the world for all believers for a set time.

We would call all this a #RadicalSpiritualWarfareRally Dr.J. 

10 thoughts on ““Perilous Times” by Dr.J.”

  1. I hear you on the fasting and prayer focus. I have stood in faith and seen God change places and situations. I have also learned that one of the greatest weapons against encroaching sin and darkness next to praying the living Word of God is our PRAISES! Praises crumbled Jericho’s walls! Let’s keep giving Him glory! Alleluia!! Psalm 149 6-9 shalom in Jesus, Susan


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