“The Fire Works for You” by Dr.J.

I dare you to keep your joy. Even if there are no fireworks for you, you always have the Fire working for you. You have the power of the Holy Ghost Fire working out situations and even people on your behalf right now. God is perfecting things and people concerning you right now. This seventh month of the year is the month that God is bringing things to completion for you and something new is on the horizon. 

Holy Spirit said to me, “Let Me complete it. Let Me work it out. Let Me perfect it. You’ve been obedient, now let Me prepare your reward. Don’t do anything else but stay obedient and trust God. Favor is yours.” 

We are trying to light sparks and set a match to situations and people to set things in motion. God said we’ve done all we can do now put the dynamite down and let the dunamis power work out some things on your behalf. 

Now only a few will be able to receive this in your spirit and that’s ok. But for those of you who can, get ready for the Fire to work. Who needs fireworks? We have Jesus! Dr.J. 

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