“Strategic Spiritual Warfare Plan” by Dr.J.

Strategic Spiritual Warfare Plan

Your main focus in life daily has to be on Jesus and getting to heaven. God knows when He is not our main priority. He knows when we have made earthly institutions our primary focus and men our primary focus (including a spouse) and earthly possessions our primary focus. To do so is idolatry… God wants you to turn your heart completely all the way to Him. Pray for your spouse and children. Respect your spouse and children. Love your spouse and children. But do not make their issues your focus. God is your focus and you have a focused prayer life which includes prayer for your spouse and your children. But your primary focus right now is getting closer to Him. 

The plan:

1) pray and meditate – listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit to guide you moment by moment  

2) praise and worship God

3) a concentrated Bible study plan daily to address your specific needs for warfare

4) engage the enemy in spiritual warfare in which you speak confessions of God’s Word over yourself, your spouse, your children and your home daily

5) fast-go a few days with no sweets and meat for example (as led by the Holy Spirit)

6) tithe and make sure you bless others as led by the spirit 

When you seriously add this plan as a daily regimen and integral part of your spiritual life, it leaves no room for stress or worry. Every time you grow weary for a moment, implement one or more of these steps above. You’re going to have to pray without ceasing but you cannot focus on your problems…

If we can’t even follow a daily regimen consistently, how can we expect someone else to be consistent in everything they do for us? Dr.J. 

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