“Lay That Man on the Altar” by Dr.J.

Single ladies, God already cut him loose but you’re still trying to hold on to him. Let him go. He isn’t the one. God has said no in so many different ways and tones of voice and you’re still saying yes to that man. Put him on the altar of wood and sacrifice him to God. If God asks you to sacrifice him, God will give you something better. But God is observing you to see if you are obedient; to see if you trust Him; and to see if God means more to you than anyone or anything. Stop being afraid to be alone with just God. God wants your attention. It’s idolatry to continue to stay and revere that man of whom God disapproves. Let him go. Stop being disobedient and let him go. Trust God. Dr.J. 

“Your Husband To Be Will Be” by Dr. Jené Walker

Single ladies, don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. And definitely don’t settle for someone with whom you’re unequally yoked. God is raising up a surrendered man of God for you right now in Jesus’s name. Veils are being removed from his eyes now so that he can see you. Marine, succubus, and lustful spirits influencing him had to flee and return back to hell. His coming for you will not be delayed. We cut off every demonic assignment to keep him from you in the name of Jesus. You will have a man of God who loves you like Christ loves the church. You just need to continue to put God first. Preparation for Your Husband:

1) Submit to God now because if you can’t submit to God, you won’t submit to your husband in everything.

2) Your husband is on the way and he will be the head of you. You will know him because he will understand the principles in God’s Word and so must you. Study and let the Holy Spirit heal and transform you now.

3) Learn now what it means to respect and honor a man of God.

4) Get your spiritual and your physical house in order.

5) Get in the Word and let the Word get in you so deeply now that when he comes, he won’t have to clean and wash you so hard in the Word. But be so content in Christ that even if he never comes, you are happy with Jesus alone [Now this is deep; this is not for the babes in Christ].

See, my faith defies facts and my spirit rejects statistics. Yours should too. God is bigger than facts and statistics. So don’t receive another lie from the enemy. Let God work on you now and no matter what, don’t lose hope.  Jené Elaine Walker