“Devil Stay in Your Place-Sheol” by Dr.J.

When the enemy messes with your head about your pursuit of Christ instead of your pursuit of the things of this world, you have something for Satan. Tell Satan, 
“That’s why you got expelled from heaven for your pride and desire for more than God. Your vain beauty, your love of your own wisdom caused you to be cast down to Sheol. You became so corrupt and evil that you desired to be higher than God, to make yourself like God. As if! 

Yes, Eve suffered from the lust of the eyes and you were able to deceive her, entice her, and plot against her, but I’ve learned my lesson from her and from you. The veils have been removed from my eyes. I desire God more than fame, wealth, money, a husband, or a promotion. I’m pursuing God. Because of my faithfulness, yes I will be rewarded; but my heart is pure and I want God more than this old word. What would it profit me to gain the things of this world and lose my soul like you? Eternal damnation? No thank you Satan. You’re not even loyal to your own evil minions. I’m good Satan. I’m subject to God. I resist you. Now devil, be gone.” 

Don’t even flirt with temptation. Put your worldly desires in check. I have to check them daily. I say, “Lord keep me rooted in Your Word. Lord keep me connected with Your Spirit. Keep me grounded. The temptation to have all in this world and to be all in this world and to fall back in love with this world again is enticing. Purge me Jesus. Clean me up. Get it out of me. Again. Today.” Don’t let the enemy catch you slipping. Dr.J. 

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