“Why is My Life in Disarray?” by Dr.J.

Clutter, bills and finances, and disorder and disarray that we vowed to get straight and keep straight…we have to let God fix it now. When we really look at every aspect of our lives in which there is chaos and disarray, we can conclude that it is a relationship deficiency.

Why am I still overspending? 
Why are my bills still past due and out of order? 
Why am I still not managing my time? 
Why am I still too tired to cook and clean and take care of the household? 
Why am I still an unorganized mess? 
Why am I overwhelmed? 
Why? Why? Why?

Don’t panic. Pray. Let God heal you in your areas of weakness. Get closer to God. Take time to study and read His Word. Pray. The closer we are to Him, every area of our lives begins to improve. We begin to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. We listen to and follow the counsel of the Spirit. When God becomes the priority then everything else begins to fall into place. God even brings order to our disorderly lives. Reflect on this today. Dr.J.

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