“Go Slowly” by Dr.J.

Take this season of relationships (i.e., intimate, friendships, work, business, all other relationships) slowly. You’ve been operating in your flesh in your relationships. You’ve jumped in head first and gotten several concussions. You’ve allowed all kinds of people in your personal space and gotten in theirs…too quickly. The Holy Spirit says slow down. Be led by the Spirit. God hasn’t instructed you to give your soul in exchange for love. Giving away everything that you have with the wrong motives in your heart (to receive love in return) is not of God. You want love so badly that you’re trying to buy it with your time, space, money, body, and any other resource you have.

Slow down. Let God lead you every step of the way in these relationships this season. Some may only be for a season. Some may only be to teach you, agitate you, and help get you to the next spiritual level. Some are straight from the enemy. Every relationship won’t be for a lifetime. But in this lifetime, listen to the Holy Spirit about your relationships. Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves as there are some wolves in sheep clothing in this world. Dr.J.

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