“Choose to See” by Dr.J. 

The veil has been removed from your eyes but you refuse to see. God has been trying to give you revelation about some things but your will is blocking your view. Your eyes have been opened to spiritual things but fear keeps causing prolonged blinks. God wants to show you some things. It may be different. It may require change. It may even hurt. He may not be coming back. Promotion may not be now. This season may be longer than you wanted. But whatever God wants to show you is divine, perfect, and for your good. Choose to see it. Dr.J.

“Lack of Vision or Lack of God’s Presence” by Dr.J.

“When people look at me, if all they see is what I’m wearing [how I look, my outward appearance], it’s something wrong with their vision.” – Kenneth Thomas

I was talking to my son about my desire for people to see or hear the glory of God on me when they see me, my pictures, or hear me speak. My son asked me, “mom is that a gift for people to be able to ‘see’ his glory on you and me?” Wow. That was such a deep question for me that I had to start praying. 

I took him to the story of Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai and he was so white from the glory of God that his crew ran from him. Moses had to put a veil on. I told my son that was a physical and spiritual encounter with God because God came down and passed by Moses and met with him in the tent of meeting. But our encounters are spiritual so it will probably take a person looking through spiritual lenses (a spiritual gift to discern) to see the glory of God on us. 

What do others see when they “see” you? Can they tell that you have been in the presence of God? Is it their lenses that are dirty or your lack of spending time with God? Dr.J.