“Magic Spells Wear Off” by Dr.J.

Charm is the use of magic, and magic spells wear off. Beauty doesn’t last forever, and beauty is common. Ladies, please believe that it is the God in you, not the sex goddess in you, that is worthy to be praised. Friends, family, books, television, and magazines can give us countless ways to have sex, but God gives us instructions for how to be praised. I know that being a sex goddess makes us feel powerful for a moment, but ladies God wants us to have permanent praise, not momentary power. Dr.J.

“Tell Him He Has Reached a Dead End” by Dr.J.

Single wives, yes you can suddenly say, “I’m no longer a weekend girl; I’m a lifetime lady.” God has finally awakened in you your worth to Him and the kingdom. Just tell that man, “It took a while, but now I know how much God loves and needs me…and how much you don’t.” Tell that man, “You have reached a dead end.” Dr.J.