“Stop Being Angry with God” by Dr.J.

Sometimes we get indignant with God because He hasn’t made things happen for us the way we want them. You’ve done it, tell the truth? We get mad when God doesn’t make the man or woman we wanted, to stay and do right. When our spouse (that God said “no” about and we married any way) goes astray and doesn’t come back, we get mad with God. When we haven’t seen the promotion or increase after “all I’ve done,” we get mad with God. When we get demoted, transferred, or let go, that’s all God’s fault too.

How can we rest in the will of God? How can we be at peace, even if God doesn’t cause the situation that has happened, that He must have allowed it for a purpose? How can we renounce the feeling of anxiety and discontentment and focus on God. The Holy Spirit had to transform me and my attitude so that I finally became content in God’s will. It’s a process but don’t delay the process by fighting against God’s will. He knows what’s best for you. Stop getting mad with Him. Dr.J. #drj #Jesusgirl #angry #hurt #resentful #discontent #anxious #indignant

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