“No More Sleeping and Waking with the Enemy” by Dr.J.

The only one you will have to sleep with, lie down with, wake with, eat with, and commune with to get to the next level, to be promoted, to be elevated, and to prosper is God. Sleeping and waking with the enemy stops now. God will supply your needs. God does the elevating. Dr.J.
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“Yield Not to Temptation” by Dr.J.

Have you ever said that you weren’t going to spend any more money? Then you saw a dress or a suit that you liked. You remembered that you said you weren’t going to spend, but you kept thinking about it or looking at it. The next thing you knew, that dress or suit was in your closet-plus two more.

It is the same way with any other temptation. If you “like” it (thumbs up), look at, and focus on it too long, you will find that sin plus two more in your closet. Don’t be deceived. Thinking about or flirting with sin too long will get you caught up in sin…sometimes for too long. Dr.J. 
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“Stop Being Angry with God” by Dr.J.

Sometimes we get indignant with God because He hasn’t made things happen for us the way we want them. You’ve done it, tell the truth? We get mad when God doesn’t make the man or woman we wanted, to stay and do right. When our spouse (that God said “no” about and we married any way) goes astray and doesn’t come back, we get mad with God. When we haven’t seen the promotion or increase after “all I’ve done,” we get mad with God. When we get demoted, transferred, or let go, that’s all God’s fault too.

How can we rest in the will of God? How can we be at peace, even if God doesn’t cause the situation that has happened, that He must have allowed it for a purpose? How can we renounce the feeling of anxiety and discontentment and focus on God. The Holy Spirit had to transform me and my attitude so that I finally became content in God’s will. It’s a process but don’t delay the process by fighting against God’s will. He knows what’s best for you. Stop getting mad with Him. Dr.J. #drj #Jesusgirl #angry #hurt #resentful #discontent #anxious #indignant