“Mid Year Post Fast Spiritual Check Up” by Dr.J.

We are almost at the mid-year mark after our 1st Annual Corporate Social Media Fast! The Holy Spirit has been pressing upon me to check in NOW! We had hundreds of people fasting with us all over the world. We focused on spiritual warfare and God’s vision for our lives. We wrote in our journal about our commitment to fast and the results we were expecting! This is your post fast mid year spiritual check up!

Where are you spiritually since the fast? What manifestation have you seen since the fast? Have you been obedient in those areas for which you fasted? Have you fasted again since January 2016? Have you operated in our focus fruit of the spirit (i.e., self-control, faith, and peace)? Have you studied the Bible regularly since the fast? Do you apply your memory verses?

That fast was NOT in vain and your life was transformed as a result of your obedience AND sacrifice. We haven’t seen anything yet! We’re almost halfway there. Begin praying NOW for our next fast and the vision for it if God is willing and allows us to fast in 2017! #2017FastDrJ #testimonies #fasting #2016FastDrJ

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