“Make Heaven Come to Earth” by Dr.J.

I read a devotion the other day that said, “Your role is to make heaven come to earth.” When I really got revelation about the statement in the context of the entire devotion, I thought, ‘The the power of the Holy Spirit in me, the love of Jesus in me, and the image of God in me should make heaven real to those who encounter me.’ Jesus. I immediately started praying, “Lord fix me!” But the Holy Spirit reassured me that though I won’t ever be perfect until I’m completely transformed when Christ returns, lives will be changed through the power of the Holy Spirit in me. 

Do you take your role seriously? Yes. It’s your role too. Do you know that the enemy is on the warpath to win souls for hell? Are you fighting harder to help bring others to repentance and acceptance of Christ? Or is your focus on you and your desires for stuff in this world like chasing paper and degrees and a man or woman or fame to impress people on this side? How much longer do we even have here?

Our walk is serious and intentional. Our walk is about the kingdom. No, you’re not perfect either but God’s plan to use us in this role is perfect. Dr.J.

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