“You’ve Reached a Natural Plateau” Dr.J.

You get to a point at which you’ve plateaued out in the natural. You’ve taken yourself as high as you can go. Your degrees can’t get you any more promotions. Your résumé is bland. Your knowledge pales in comparison to the knowledge of some. The prestige of your alma mater isn’t as prestigious as you’ve financed or are still financing. You’ve plateaued. 

Now what? Stop seeking worldly recognition and status. It’s temporary and well…worldly. God can supernaturally promote you higher and more quickly than any “world system” for His kingdom and purpose. Any other self or man made elevation is just temporary and you will plateau.

Stagnant? Plateaued? Check your motives. Check your heart. Check your desires. Check your standard. Check your goal. Check your relationship with the Father. Dr.J.

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