“You Will Not Lose It” by Dr.J.

You will not lose it! I know we feel like we are on the verge of losing it at any moment now, but we will not lose it! Hang in there! Don’t lose faith. Don’t lose sight of the prize He has promised if we would only keep pressing! Walls are closing in on us at home, at work, in our finances, and in our relationships but squeeze through to the other side. Debt, trouble, and situations are getting deeper, but keep swimming! “Progress” hills, “relief” hills, and “healing” hills are getting steeper but keep climbing. We have to take this stuff to Him and leave it all there. It’s time to really trust that He can do what He said He will. Mind boggling situations that we can’t handle on our own, we must release them from our minds and let Him fix it. Believe me, you will not lose your minds! I haven’t! He gives us peace of mind. Receive it today. Dr.J. 

2 thoughts on ““You Will Not Lose It” by Dr.J.”

  1. Praise the Lord! Amen! Just this week, a friend thought I might lose my sanity over the pressures of work, university studies, etc., I laughed out loud, because I realize I’d almost been tempted to ‘go there’ over the edge, but instead, humbly asked God for help and found His focus, peace and overcoming against all odds. I’m with you, Dr. J. — We have the mind of Christ and all of His help besides. His thoughts and the life of faith will NEVER fail us! Blessings pursue you this week!


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