“Couples, Watch Your Mouths” by Dr.J.

What are you saying to your significant other? Are you allowing outside people to penetrate your bond and cause you to speak (believe) negatively about your love? Yes, outside people are used by the enemy to cause dissension too, so be alert!

Is the enemy able to manipulate you and cause verbal strife between you? And please don’t be deceived about the fact that ALL doubt, conflict, jealousy, strife, insecurity, and enmity between the two of you comes from the enemy, which can be the DEATH of your relationship. 

Death threats: we won’t gone make it, I’m not in love with you any more, you don’t know how to be faithful, “a real man this” and “a real woman that,” “no good” mother, “good for nothing” trifling dad, I don’t trust you, I’m not attracted to you anymore, you can’t accomplish that, such-an-such of the opposite sex says it like this-DEATH THREATS).

So it is important, no, it is imperative that you speak LIFE to each other and over your relationship! What has God told you about your relationship? Profess it daily! 

LIFE DECLARATIONS: No plot or trick of the enemy will succeed in destroying this union. No one or nothing, even our own mistakes, can separate what God has put together. I recognize your efforts to be more romantic or loving or submissive. Neither of us is perfect so we love each other freely and forgive each other quickly. We understand the attacks of the enemy and how he operates-subtly so we are prepared for battle. We choose to use our tongues to speak life about each other so we will reap the benefits of a prosperous relationship! 

Proverbs 18:21 “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.”

Check what you’re speaking to each other and about your relationship! If it can’t be positive or uplifting, stop talking! Couples, will you reap death or life from what you speak? What will it be? Dr.J. 


2 thoughts on ““Couples, Watch Your Mouths” by Dr.J.”

  1. So this morning, one of the employees in our cafe here at work, said, “I just saw your ‘ex-husband’… she’d said it earlier this week and once or twice before that. Hubby and I have known her for years (since we both work in the same building) and I even call her my daughter (obviously younger than us). She does have a ‘loose’ mouth and is known for saying careless things to folk (most of the time for a laugh).

    Well… this morning… I had to check her, in love. I told her DO NOT SPEAK death over my marriage. I do not PLAY with WORDS like that. Dana is NOT my “ex-husband”, he is MY HUSBAND and I don’t care if you were only teasing, I do not play like that….and I still love you”.

    She apologized, but the enemy (30+ minutes later) tried to make me feel guilty about my response to her.

    GUESS WHAT… I was reminded by the Holy Ghost to come back to this blog, and got my CONFIRMATION!!! –> “Are you allowing outside people to penetrate your bond and cause you to speak (believe) negatively about your love? Yes, outside people are used by the enemy to cause dissension too, so be alert!”

    THANK YOU JESUS, for my Best Friend and the gift of the HOLY GHOST!

    Love you!,
    Signed your
    VERY HAPPILY MARRIED (for better or for BEST)


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