“A Husband’s Prayer of Submission” by Dr. Jené Walker

A Husband’s Prayer

I am a husband and I surrender my wife and my marriage to you. Lord, You have commanded me to give myself up for my wife but because of my past hurts, I’ve been afraid to let this wall down to give myself to her completely. There are things about me that I’m afraid that if she knew, she would leave. I’ve always been taught to be hard and hide my emotions but I’m willing to get my instructions from You now.

I know she is upset because I work so hard and so much but I have confused “being the head” with “making the bread.” I just want to please her and give her and the kids nice things. She has no idea what it feels like to be placed in charge of a household by You Lord but be placed at the bottom of the world’s totem pole. But now that I surrender to You, I know I will get spiritual wisdom from You. My hope is in You.

When You made me head, You wanted me to lead her and the kids to You. You wanted me to know the Word, lead with the Word, and get them to the Word. You wanted me to love and care for her the way You love and care for the church. Help me to provide for her. Help me to manage our finances. Help me to exercise self-control.

I’m ready now God. But help me to handle when her voice or even her silence gets so loud. Help me to be sensitive, to communicate, and to show her the love and affection she needs. Help me to unite with her and become one flesh. But also help her to understand that all she needs is in You because the burden of being god for her gets heavy sometimes. Help her to forgive me. Help me to surrender her and our marriage to You.  Jené Elaine Walker

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