“A Family that Fasts Together, Stays Together” by Dr.J.

If a family that prays together stays together, what happens to a family that fasts together?
We need to go beyond family prayer and begin to fast this season for the entire family to move into their new thing. God is doing something new for you and everyone connected with you. God is waiting on us to believe Him for more. 

We can ask God “why hasn’t anything supernatural happened for my family? Why haven’t we been able to break generational curses of addiction, adultery, or poverty?” Jesus’ answer, “how long have you suffered with these issues? Some things only come by fasting and praying.” 

A family that fasts together builds spiritual capacity for the following:

1) to break generational curses off the family;  

2) to break strongholds off individual and collective family members; 

3) to move Jesus to act more quickly on the behalf of individual and collective family members; 

4) to begin to see manifestation of the work of God in your children and plants seeds for your children’s children;

5) to usher in and stands in agreement and believes God for generational blessings, wealth, prosperity, land and favor for individual and collective family members; and

6) to renounce, denounce, and rebuke any Jezebel, marine, and all other demonic spirits and curses off of individual and collective family members.

Fast and have faith for more for your family this season. Dr.J.

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