“Stop Getting Sucker Punched by the Devil” by Dr.J.

This “lifestyle” isn’t for the faint at heart. Which lifestyle? The one in which you have surrendered everything in you and concerning you to God. You have to be willing to fight for this lifestyle moment by moment daily. The moment you slip up and forget to pray, say your daily confessions, fast, read and study God’s word, or walk in the spirit, is the moment the enemy will sucker punch you. 

Sucker punches are something like this:

1. Waking up or going to bed in your feelings.

You have “it hurts so good” thoughts and feelings that you know don’t line up with the Word of God. These thoughts are like “I don’t think I can make it, I’m lonely, I’m not attractive, she won’t accept this about me, I won’t ever get ahead, I’m stressed, I’m sick, I’m deeply depressed, marriage is hard.” 

The enemy uses this open door of oppression to enter your mind and plant negative thoughts to keep you oppressed. You focus on the negative thoughts and feelings instead of focusing on God and what He can do to heal you.

2. Having a panic attack about your finances.

Your bills can’t be paid. Your bank account is so low that you can’t figure out how you will eat. Your car is about to be repossessed but you can’t afford gas anyway. You got put out of the apartment and you have no place to stay. Your credit score is low and your debt is high. You’re drowning or so the enemy has you to think you are. There is an open door of unbelief that allows the enemy an entry way into your situation. He stages more attacks in this same area to keep you in a state of unbelief that God has the power to turn your finances around. 

3. Believing that God wouldn’t honor your relationship and help you reconcile it.

You gave up on your love and put up a wall to protect your own heart instead of allowing God to heal you, him, and the relationship. You stopped communicating or when you did communicate you constantly nagged and argued. You started seeing someone else to fill the void. You shared your problems with someone the enemy sent to you in the guise of the real soulmate. There was an open door of distrust that the enemy used to distract you and ultimately destroy the love God really planned for you. 

4. Giving up on your child because her rebellious and lawless ways were not viewed through spiritual lenses. 

See in the spirit, you know that we wrestle not against flesh and blood humans. The fight is not against your child but against satan who has specific demons assigned to take our children out. It is demonic spirits that you have to fight against. We can’t throw our children away. We have to fight for them. No matter now frustrated we get, we can’t give them over to drugs, sex, masturbation, pornography, homosexuality or alcohol. We have to rebuke, renounce, and confess over our children moment by moment daily. “Who does she think she is to talk to me like that, to make me look bad? I didn’t raise her like that.” You had an open door of pride that allowed the enemy to ease his way in through your child to cause you to side with satan and give up on your child. 

You have to approach your relationship with God as if your life depends on it because it does. Pray, say your daily confessions, fast, read and study God’s word, and walk in the spirit. The enemy wants to destroy you. Stay sober. Stay alert. Satan is on the prowl. This lifestyle is not for the faint at heart. We have to fight in the spirit for this. Dr.J.

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