“My Spiritual Momentum” by Dr.J.

Lord don’t let me lose my spiritual momentum. We have a great thing going on, me and You Lord. I hear when You whisper. I’m convicted when my flesh wants to show out. You give me a timely Word for Your people. You bless me, You cover me and You protect me from foolishness and plots of the enemy. You orchestrate divine encounters, opportunities, and actions and I follow Your lead. You let me know when seasons are over so that I don’t outstay my welcome. 

Prophecy from my son Jaylen: Jaylen said that Newton’s cradle can be related to my relationship with God. He said that [my spirit] is the sphere on the end and when I initiate the relationship with God through the release of praise, [prayer, fasting, praising, and obedience and faith] it sends a force of spiritual energy through me to God the Father, God  the Son, and God the Holy  Spirit. He said that eventually I will have to release the ball of energy again because the flow will stop if I don’t release my praise. He said that lets me know that for my [momentum] to continue, I have to continue to release praise and glory to God. 

Jesus! Then the Holy Spirit gave me this. The sphere on the other end of the cradle represents every aspect of the natural world that concerns me. The natural events in my life collide with the energy from the triune God and continues to send energy of blessings and divine alignment back to me through the triune God. 

Lord, we’re great together. As a matter of fact, we are a strong force together as we move rapidly toward my destiny and my destiny impacts my life and our relationship. But as my son said, I have a huge responsibility in my spiritual momentum. I must continue to lift Him up and release “me” to Him. Lord, I don’t ever want to lose our spiritual momentum. It drives me closer to You faster. It impacts the events leading to my destiny and in my life. Stay with me God. I need You. I need Your presence. I need the Holy Spirit to maintain our spiritual momentum. Dr.J.

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