“He is Seducing You” by Dr.J.

“Look Into My Eyes:” Are we being seduced?

Seducton is “the process of deliberately enticing a person; to lead astray.” To seduce is “to lure or entice, particularly away from obligations or proper behavior.” Seduction is not limited to sexual temptation. The enemy is the great seducer and he is seducing you! 

God is saying to us today to be careful of the enemy’s attempts to “seduce” us and lead us away from His (God’s) perfect plan. If God has already told us that He is going to promote us and deliver us in our finances and we continually have thoughts of doubt that He is going to do it, the enemy is seducing us in our faith. If God has already corrected us in behaviors that contradict who He called us to be (gossiping at work, not honoring our supervisor, etc.) and we struggle daily with these same behaviors, the enemy is seducing us in our obedience. If God has told us to trust Him in our relationships or our marriages and we continue to look for signs of infidelity or try to change our mate on our own, the enemy is seducing us in the areas of pride and patience. 

The enemy is subtle! He has studied us and knows our weaknesses. He prowls around looking for opportunities to “seduce” us! Stop letting the enemy sucker punch us with his deceitful, seductive subtleties! God says keep our minds on heavenly things and not earthly things! Focus on Him! The moment we take our minds off Him, the enemy is chanting, “look into my eyes.” But not any more! We are no longer seduced by the sensuality of sin and we are not moved by the deception and duplicity of the devil. Our eyes are on heavenly things (Colossians 3:2)! Dr.J.

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