“You Wear the Crown” by Dr.J.

Ladies, continue to renounce the spirit of “two” or “second.” God created you as a wife. You do not serve in a 2nd place capacity. You are a queen and you wear the crown. If he belongs to someone else, you don’t want anything to do with him. 

Renounce that heavy oppressive spirit that makes us settle for second place; that makes us wait by the phone for the moment he can get away; that makes us feel empowered because someone who belongs to someone else is using us for sexual and other gratification; that makes us chase after and pine for that which is not ours; that makes us content with not being able to call him “our own” according to God’s law; that makes us justify being a “beckon call girl” for a man who isn’t ours; that makes us allow our bodies to be sexual punching bags; that makes us believe that he is only intimate with us and not his wife because he doesn’t love her; that makes us dream of and covet her permanent place when we are in actuality stuck in a temporary spot; that makes us use our bodies, wiles, and seductive powers to lure him to us. 

We are no longer deceived by Satan. He has been exposed. We know what it is. We know it is a demonic spirit of oppression. It can weigh you down so heavily that you can’t move forward. We renounce the spirit of 2nd right now in the name of Jesus. 

Satan, you can no longer deceive us to stay in this dead relationship. We are no longer thieves in the night trying to steal someone and something that God doesn’t want us to have. We are no longer lawless and rebellious. We are obedient. We are free. We can wait on God until we can operate as the number one woman of God He created us to be. We wear the crown. Dr.J.

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