“Why Are You Offended?” by Dr.J.

I told God on someone who said something to me that offended me. The Holy Spirit told me I needed to stay humble and understand that offense is rooted in pride. He had me to reflect deeply on why I was offended. He showed me why the comment had such a sting. He reminded me that He is still my vindicator but I didn’t need to get offended by things people say or do. “God, what about the person who made that heartless comment to me?” God said, “I know the motives of her heart but let me handle her.”

This walk isn’t fleshly at all. We have to stay in the spirit and operate in the fruit of the spirit. People will knowingly and unknowingly be used by Satan to say and do offensive things to you. God just wants to know how you will respond. Offense is in the demonic family of pride. Renounce the spirit of offense in Jesus’s name. Let people say and do what they want and let God handle them. Dr.J.

4 thoughts on ““Why Are You Offended?” by Dr.J.”

  1. This very thing happened to me at work last week. I was offended and hurt. I didn’t lash out I remained silent. I did talk it over with a coworker of mine who is a man of God and he said these exact words to me..wow!!! This is confirmation that I am doing the right thing. Does it still bother me? A little bit but not as much as it would have before.


      1. Hello!! I was battling spiritually last week..I was under attack but thanks to my Lil big bro Carlos he interceded for me. I am doing well. Thanks!!❤👍☝😆


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