“Friendly Competition is Healthy, Or Is It?” by Dr.J. 

The demon of competition has family members of “driving, argument, pride, and ego.” My dad used to tell me that a little friendly competition is healthy but God has shown me that a competitive spirit is demonic and unhealthy. Do you find yourself arguing, debating, driving a point home, being egotistical or prideful? Do talk over others? Do you have to always be right? Do you find yourself disagreeing for the sake of disagreement? Do you navigate toward competitive topics? You have to humble yourself to even be able to answer the questions honestly. Ask God to help you discern if this spirit is on you and begin to renounce it and its entire clan in the name of Jesus. Kill this spirit at the root. The Holy Spirit will reveal its origin. Dr.J.

“Demons are identified according to their nature…Indwelling demons are seldom found singly; they are together in groups called clans or families. When one demon is detected or discerned…look for its companions” (Hammond).

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