“Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties” by Dr.J.

Why can’t I move on? Why hasn’t God sent me someone yet? Why am I struggling with loving the person I’m with? Why can’t I keep him out of my dreams? Why can’t I make love to my wife without fantasizing about my past women? Why do I have to shake my head feverishly in an attempt to get images of innumerable exes out of my head, to no avail? Why is it difficult to be satisfied with “normal regular relations” opposed to strange, abnormal, defiling and debasing relations? Why is it difficult for me to be pleased in my marital relationship? Could it be that you’re struggling with ties from previous relationships and relations?

The Holy Spirit defined ungodly souls ties as spiritual connections that have developed from ungodly physical connections. We’ve been involved with men or women who are not our spouses and the relationships or relations have left a spiritual residue. The residue makes it difficult to move on freely in our God ordained relationships because we haven’t been purified and purged from our pasts.

The Holy Spirit gave me the process for breaking ungodly soul ties: 1) Break the physical ties. 2) Make up your mind. 3) Increase your spiritual warfare.

Break the physical ties. You have to stop having sexual relationships with people who do not spiritually belong to you. God ordained marriage between one woman and one man. To have sexual relations in any other relationship is out of order. When we do, we suffer from a sticky thick spiritual residue. We have to break other physical connections too such as  keeping pictures, texts, emails, clothing, or other items from persons from our past. Break all physical ties.

You must also have a made up mind. You cannot continue to straddle the fence about whether or not you’re going to let go or go back “just one more time.” If your mind isn’t resolute, the rest of you won’t be either. The way you are transformed is by the renewing of your mind. If you continue to think on the worldly things with the people from your past, your mind won’t be transformed and it can’t be renewed. If the Holy Spirit has already revealed to you that the relationship it not designed by the Creator for you, what else is there to think about? Make up your mind and be obedient. Let it go.

Finally, read, study, pray, listen to the Holy Spirit and fast. When dealing with strongholds in your life that have been impossible for you to overcome with your regular prayer life, you have to intensify your spiritual warfare. Add fasting and confessions to your spiritual warfare to breakthrough the power of the enemy with these spirits of lust and other spirits that have been haunting you. If the spiritual tie isn’t created by God, it has to be broken. You don’t want to be connected with anyone God didn’t create for you. It is time to let go. Dr.J.

Click here  to watch the video the Holy Spirit gave me entitled “Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties.”

“Friendly Competition is Healthy, Or Is It?” by Dr.J. 

The demon of competition has family members of “driving, argument, pride, and ego.” My dad used to tell me that a little friendly competition is healthy but God has shown me that a competitive spirit is demonic and unhealthy. Do you find yourself arguing, debating, driving a point home, being egotistical or prideful? Do talk over others? Do you have to always be right? Do you find yourself disagreeing for the sake of disagreement? Do you navigate toward competitive topics? You have to humble yourself to even be able to answer the questions honestly. Ask God to help you discern if this spirit is on you and begin to renounce it and its entire clan in the name of Jesus. Kill this spirit at the root. The Holy Spirit will reveal its origin. Dr.J.

“Demons are identified according to their nature…Indwelling demons are seldom found singly; they are together in groups called clans or families. When one demon is detected or discerned…look for its companions” (Hammond).

“Why Are You Offended?” by Dr.J.

I told God on someone who said something to me that offended me. The Holy Spirit told me I needed to stay humble and understand that offense is rooted in pride. He had me to reflect deeply on why I was offended. He showed me why the comment had such a sting. He reminded me that He is still my vindicator but I didn’t need to get offended by things people say or do. “God, what about the person who made that heartless comment to me?” God said, “I know the motives of her heart but let me handle her.”

This walk isn’t fleshly at all. We have to stay in the spirit and operate in the fruit of the spirit. People will knowingly and unknowingly be used by Satan to say and do offensive things to you. God just wants to know how you will respond. Offense is in the demonic family of pride. Renounce the spirit of offense in Jesus’s name. Let people say and do what they want and let God handle them. Dr.J.