“And He Did It, Suddenly” by Dr.J.

Suddenly won’t leave my spirit. It is the word for someone. According to your finite understanding of “time” you think you’ve been struggling for a long “time.” You’ve been lacking for quite some “time.” You’ve waited on God for deliverance for a long “time.” You’ve been fasting a long “time” but haven’t seen the manifestation.You have dealt with illness and disease a long time. 

God is a suddenly God. He can breathe and your entire situation can change “suddenly.” Have you ever observed the situations of others and “suddenly” someone has been promoted, married, moved to another location, saved, or delivered? God is about to make some more “suddenly” moves. Hold on tightly. I’m telling you. It is strong in my spirit. Get ready in your spirit. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Holy Spirit. Suddenly. Dr.J.

5 thoughts on ““And He Did It, Suddenly” by Dr.J.”

    1. My God is amazing! The power of the Holy Spirit never ceases to amaze me! I prayed on my face yesterday, prostrate before God to be able to bless His people. I told Him that I just want to be used by Him. You sent me this message today! God bless you! Thanks Andi Garcia for spreading the word. Thank You Holy Spirit. My inspiration comes from YOU!

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      1. Awesome God! He’s brought me through a long season of fasting and prayer, a ton of warfare, and finding your blog ministry was part of His wonderful reward! Doing my joy dance! 🙂 Thank You, Jesus! 😀


      2. My goodness!!!!! I’m praising with you! Thank You Lord! Glory to Your name Jesus! Thank You Holy Spirit! Equip her with the weapons she needs to continue to be victorious in the fight!

        He has so many more supernatural blessings for you for your obedience and sacrifice! I’m so happy for you! God bless you!

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