“Are you a Nagging or a Nurturing Wife?” by Dr.Jené Walker

We’ve nagged him, defended ourselves, debased him, put him down, stripped his manhood, told our relationship business, withheld lovemaking, gotten revenge, been vindictive, cheated, ceased doing our domestic duties, hidden money and purchases, lied, pouted and ignored him. 

Where has this gotten us? Thank You Holy Spirit. It has gotten us the biggest wedge between us and them. It has gotten the devil a foothold in our relationships. It has gotten us consequences for our disobedience regardless of what he has done. We haven’t gotten any lasting resolutions with these worldly tactics. Only what we do for Christ will last. I’m ready to try things God’s way. I’m ready to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit and not demonic spirits of discord and dishonor. Jené Elaine Walker

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