IT’S WAITING SEASON: WE JUST HAVE TO WAIT! Our wait is for a reason! He obviously has more He needs to do in us before He propels us to that next level in love, finances, careers, ministry, healing, and health! Sometimes we want to pout and get upset because it’s taking God too long! We are delaying our own process. We can be certain that God will complete what He started in us. So we can allow the Holy Spirit to WORK or we can wander in the wilderness in rebellion, murmuring, and complaining! I mean, we have to wait any way right? 

So what do we do during our waiting season? Study (His Word daily), Pray, Fast, Tithe, Give, Serve, Love, Obey, Follow (the promptings of the Holy Spirit)! I’m content while I wait, how about you? Dr.J.

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