“Spiritual Funambulism” by Dr.J. 

You’ve been trusting God this long. Don’t start doubting Him now. 

You’ve been thinking, “How will God make this happen if I don’t do ‘something’?” If you need to do anything, the Holy Spirit will prompt you and lead you. This is truth. He speaks to us. He will tell us what to do and when. The works that bring life to our faith can be as simple as “obey” and God will line up everything else without your help. Let God be God.

Your child is acting contrarily to what God has shown you about his life. Her grades, behavior, attitude, habits, and even organization contradict everything you’ve taught her in the natural. That’s why you must rely on, cling to, and grab ahold to the promises God showed you. Stop measuring your child by the world’s standards. Our faith gets shaken when we look at what’s going on in the natural with our child. If he is going through it, God ordained it. All these unpleasant natural occurrences will work for your child’s supernatural purpose. 

Our trust and faith cannot fluctuate as our circumstances, situations, and feelings dictate. We have to believe even when the attacks come. We have to trust God when things look crazy. Husbands and wives are not on one accord. Trust God. Bank account is low. Trust God. Big vision head but no provision in sight. Trust God. 

As a believer, you’re always walking a tightrope. You have to know when to advance, retreat, or be still. You have to be able to balance living in the world yet operating in the Spirit. You have to step out on faith. Don’t let the tightrope walk cause you to take your eyes off God. You’ve been trusting God this long. Don’t start doubting Him now. Dr.J.

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