“Get Out of My Head, Satan” by Dr.J.

One of our biggest battles takes place in our minds. That is the devil’s principle battlefield. Your defense in this battle is to cast those negative contrary thoughts down out of your mind as soon as Satan plants them there. We have power and authority over our minds. We don’t have to accept thoughts in our minds that contradict what the Word of God says. If we do, we’re placing our imaginations above who God is. God is our fortress and our stronghold, not the pattern of negative thoughts in our heads. 

If a thought causes worry and anxiety about your health, marriage, finances, or children, cast it down because God says do not be anxious about anything. You’re either going to think on these things – things that are praiseworthy, true, honest and of good report or you’re going to think thoughts that you’ve allowed the devil to exalt in your mind that are higher than God. 

Bring those thoughts into captivity right now in Jesus name. Tell the devil you don’t have time for his mess. Tell him to stay out of your head. We can’t trust God with thoughts that contradict who God is and what God can do. Dr.J.

2 Corinthians 10:5 KJV “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;”

“God’s Hands or Your Hands?” by Dr.J.

Someone is on the verge of taking matters into your own hands. Don’t do it. God is more than capable of handling it. You’ve magnified the issue bigger than God. Seriously? Don’t doubt another second that God is in control. 

I know. I know. It’s your job and that’s your livelihood and reputation these people are messing with now right? Wrong. God is bigger than that. God can open doors that no man, not even you, can shut.

I know. I know. This is your marriage we’re talking about. If you don’t do something drastic, you could lose him; she may leave, right? Wrong. God is bigger than that. You just want to be in God’s will. You want what God wants. 

I know. I know. It’s your child and nobody, not anybody messes with your child. You don’t play when it comes to your child, right? Wrong. God is bigger than the enemy coming against your child. You’ll mess around and have you and your child suffering natural and spiritual consequences. Sit down and let God handle that too. 

There are consequences for taking matters into our own hands. I think I’ll just trust my big God to handle my problems- big and small. Dr.J.

“Can I Be Naked With You?” by Dr.Jené Walker

Can I be completely naked with you and not be ashamed?

Genesis 2:25 NKJV “And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

I think this is a legitimate question and even more a legitimate concern in the institution of marriage. I have experienced and have observed relationships that were rooted in an unsafe environment. By this I mean that one spouse, or both spouses, felt uncomfortable and even unsafe in being totally transparent with the other.

One may think that after time both spouses would build the capacity to feel safe and both spouses would be able to be who they really are. Unfortunately, we make this extremely difficult when we don’t allow God to create our match for us.

God looked at man and said that it isn’t good for him to be alone. Then God created a woman for man. He didn’t solicit any help from Adam; God performed the entire surgery while Adam was asleep. That lets us know that we can rest assuredly that God is working for us, in us, through us, and on us and our mates, even while we sleep.

God created Adam a suitable helper. God created a help mate from the rib of the right man. God knows what we need in a mate. He knows who will complement us. He knows who can enhance the calling He has given us. God knows who will love us unconditionally. He knows who we can be naked with and unashamed.

People don’t come with clean crisp lives or with “no” issues. We’ve been hurt. We’ve had terrible hurtful things to happen to us such as rape, incest, or molestation. We have secrets and areas of weakness that we don’t feel comfortable sharing with just anyone. We have diseases and illnesses that the enemy has used to isolate us and make us feel ashamed about.

We are barren, impotent, or have several children. We have financial issues that have been irreparable thus far. We have mounds of debt. We have criminal records. We’ve done things that we’re so ashamed of that it makes us sick to think of it. How can someone else possibly deal with the things we’ve done and have had done to us?

We may be physically disfigured or we may not have an attractive body. We may have insecurities so deeply rooted that we’re still in the process of healing. Who is the suitable helper God created for us who can handle our nakedness? Who is the rib donor God will use to develop us and be able to handle our nakedness?

The devil has been given a foothold in too many marriages because of deeply rooted issues in “nakedness.” Now nothing is too hard for God; so, please know that if we make Him the center of our marriages now, He can still heal us and our marriages. But for all singles who haven’t yet (or yet again) ventured into the sanctity and safety of a lifelong marriage, please keep this question in the forefront of your mind, “Can I be completely naked with you and not be ashamed?” If you’re honest and especially “discerning” the Holy Spirit lets you know right away if you will have issues being “naked” with a person. Wait on God. He is the Creator and sovereign matchmaker and God knows just who you need. Jené Elaine Walker

“I’m a Doer of the Word” by Dr.J.

It isn’t enough to be readers and hearers of the Word. We better let the Word penetrate and transform our hearts so we can be doers of the Word. We know we are truly changed at work when toxic back biting and “under the bus throwing” happens and we’re not a part of it and we’re not afraid of it. We know we are truly changed when we are no longer posting subliminal or blatant statements to hurt someone even if they have done it to us. We know we are truly changed when we hear instructions from the Holy Spirit and we get convicted but ultimately, we obey. 

We desire to be more than a “work in progress” and we don’t misuse “God knows my heart” but we really allow God to transform and purify our hearts. Let’s be doers of the Word. If we mess up, whisper “God forgive me. Holy Spirit penetrate and transform my heart. Help me to do the Word not just read it, speak it, hear it, and preach it. I want to just do it!” Dr.J.

James 1:22 NLT But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.

“Let ‘It’ Run Its Course” by Dr.J.

One of my accountability partners was ministering to me and she said, “let it run its course.” The Holy Spirit kept laying it on my heart. One day I was driving home from work and I just started shouting and screaming and praising God. The phrase had been helping me to make it through all kinds of attacks. It was something about the phrase that just soothed me but the Holy Spirit didn’t give me revelation then. The Holy Spirit gave me revelation later.

See, one meaning of the phrase, “let it runs its course” is whatever “it” is will continue “naturally” until “it” has finished. The Holy Spirit said to me some things are running a “supernatural” course in our lives this season. There is nothing “natural” that we can do about it. We can’t rush it. We can’t medicate it or fix it. We can’t make it happen. All we can do is wait for God to do what He is going to do supernaturally to work “it” out, to finish it. God is working it out. When it runs its course, when God says it is finished and ready for you, it will be worth your wait. My God. Now if you’re not shouting and screaming and praising God, I’m praying for your revelation. Dr.J.

“Your Response to Attacks Shows Your Love for and Obedience to God, or Does It?” by Dr.J.

What if every attack were to prove that you love God and you do everything He tells you?What if your crucifixion were to show the world that you love God and you do exactly what God commands you to do? How do you respond in crucifixion moments? First of all, what we endure on earth can’t compare to what Christ suffered on the cross for us. The prince of this world does, however forge killer attacks against us daily in an attempt to crucify us.

We often complain about what we go through. We even try to escape or avoid any and all moments of crucifixion. But in this life there will be suffering. We cannot avoid it until Jesus comes back. So what if everything you’re going through is to display the power of God in your life.

When this older woman with an evil spirit yelled at me a week ago, I could have responded by cussing her out. “Who do you think you are talking to me like that?” But in that moment of crucifixion, my flesh, pride and dignity had to be crucified. I had to show her and the other witnesses around that I love the Father and I will do everything He commands of me.

What are the crucifixion moments that you’re experiencing? Other witnesses are watching to see if you really love God and if you will really follow His commands or will you allow the prince of this world to have a moment of victory? When your husband or wife is being used by the devil, will you match his or her ugliness or will you crucify your flesh? When your money is funny will you doubt, lose faith, and complain or crucify your flesh? When you get cussed out and disrespected will you retaliate or crucify your flesh?  When your supervisors or other co workers conspire against you will you take matters into your own hands or crucify your flesh? When your child messes up will you debase, low rate, and provoke your child to wrath or will you crucify your flesh? Recognize Satan’s attempts to crucify you and take up your cross anyway.

Know when to keep your mouth closed because the prince of this world and his minions are lurking, listening, and waiting for an opportunity to pounce on you. They don’t have a hold over us but they listen for weaknesses and gaps in your faith so they can wreak more havoc in our lives. Don’t give the devil a foothold.

The enemy was given limited power to crucify Jesus so that the world may learn that Jesus loves the Father and does exactly what His Father has commanded Him. What if your crucifixion, all the trials you’re going through are to show the world that you love God and you do exactly what God commands you to do? What does the world see in your response? Follow the example Jesus left for us. Dr.J.

John 14:31 “I will not say much more to you, for the prince of this world is coming. He has no hold over me, but he comes so that the world may learn that I love the Father and do exactly what my Father has commanded me. Come now; let us leave.”

“It is Time to Wake Up!” by Dr.J.

I don’t think I understood the spiritual realm until the last five years of my life. God has shown me some things that will scare the living daylights out of your flesh-I mean something awful.

There is a war going on in the heavens. I can literally sense in my spirit that demons and spirits are trying to come for me and angels are fighting them off.

Even while we physically sleep, God is protecting us from attacks. But believers, we don’t have time to be spiritually asleep. It’s time to wake up believers. There is a battle that you have to fight in too. Don’t leave your house, your car, your children without covering yourself and then. My son, my home, my car, and my office are so anointed. When the devil comes in my office raising hell, he leaves with his tail tucked and I haven’t said a word. Why? Because my office, my home, my son, and all my possessions are covered by the blood of Jesus.

Stop leaving yourself uncovered. Stop leaving yourself naked. Start consciously and spiritually participating in the battle. There is a realm that you can’t see but the closer you get to God He will open your eyes. Dr.J.