“Hardened Hearts Block the Peace of God” by Dr.J. 2016 Fast Post 31

Don’t let your hearts become hardened. Don’t be bitter and defiant. Don’t be angry and disgruntled about your situation. The real test of your faith and belief in God is when you can have peace about however He allows your situation to unfold. When you can say, “I know what God can do for, in, and through my situation, but if He doesn’t see fit to make a move, I trust Him completely and I receive His peace about it.” It takes the power of the Holy Spirit without a trace of flesh to really be able to receive this. But if you can make that statement, it demonstrates your level of faith.
See, we can’t make anything happen on our own. God is in control and He alone is sovereign. We have to want to be in His will. We have to totally surrender it all to Him. I was on a journey with a wife through “Instant Messenger” for about four months. I watched the Holy Spirit take her from panic to peace about her marriage. I don’t hear from her any more because the assignment is complete. She received God’s peace. I was on a journey with a woman about her finances, I watched the Holy Spirit take her from fear to faith about God’s ability to supply her needs. She received God’s peace.

God is simply remarkable. He heals and delivers suddenly. You just have to be willing to relinquish the bitterness, defiance, anger, dissatisfaction, and fear about your situation and receive the peace of God today. You just have to have faith. In Jesus’s name, we have peace today and the fruit of the spirit peace will further produce in our lives daily. Dr.J.

#2016FastDrJ #WeAreAtWarFightHarder

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