“Seven Represents Completion and the Devil is Mad” by Dr.J. 2016 Fast Post 18

Seven (7) marks completion and perfection. A 21-day fast is a cycle of “three” sevens. God has completed and perfected things in your life already at the end of these seven days of fasting. You’ve seen the power of the Trinity (3) – the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit – the Triune (3) God throughout the seven days and you still haven’t seen anything yet.

Because of your sacrifice and obedience, the devil is angry. Some of you have sent me private messages, emails, or made phone calls to share that the enemy started his attacks on day one (1) of the fast. However, nearing the end of perfection or completion, day seven (7), more of you begin to experience attacks that were unbelievable- but not really. We knew going in that this would be warfare and we also know that the battle is not over.

You’ve already begun to see breakthrough and miracles in your lives. You’ve already experienced supernatural favor since the fast began. You’ve already seen miracles and blessings since the beginning of the fast. But you’ve also been in a fight since the fast started. (Please read “The Invisible Fight” if you have not; the message from the Holy Spirit in that post will set you free). We’ve experienced sleeplessness, sickness in our bodies, arguments with our spouses, the enemy using our children, financial setbacks and insufficient funds, temptations to eat, and so many other attacks.

Your memory verses for the first seven days were purposeful. I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to give me the scriptures we all needed to begin this fast. When you were engaged in warfare this week, did you reach into the depths of your belly to bring forth the Word in Ephesians 6:10-12? The strategic attacks against you this week were to make you quit and give up. When people came against you by posting things about your past for the public to see, cussing you out or disrespecting you at work, or when someone from the past that God showed you was not for you, showed up out of the blue, did you speak the Word in II Corinthians 10:3-5? This fight we’re in is real and it requires the spiritual capacity to engage the enemy and use our spiritual weapons.

The Holy Spirit told me to call a sister to check on her and she gave me the following powerful testimony:

“When I said out of my mouth today that ‘I just quit! I give up!’, I felt a physical release. I began to feel happy-go-lucky. But I kept telling my husband, ‘Something isn’t right! Something just doesn’t feel right!’ I knew God was saying, ‘You can’t give up. Stop trying to make things happen in your time, and trust me.'”

As she spoke, the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. The enemy was on this young woman of God. He wants to stop her from receiving her breakthrough badly. I told her

“The physical release you felt after you made that profession ‘I just quit! I give up!’ was the spirit of oppression leaving your body. The assignment of those demons on you were to weigh you down so heavily until you gave up. The moment you professed out of your mouth, “I give up!” The assignment was done. They left.”

Jesus. But God.  That isn’t the end of the story. The Holy Spirit kept pressing her. She remembered the scriptures in Ephesians 6 and she fell on her face before God in her bathroom. She began to profess positive words that aligned with God’s Word. Because of her obedience in fasting and mustering up some faith, God showed up and showed out for her today.

Today represents completion. Don’t stop. Don’t break. Don’t rest. Keep persevering. We have two more cycles after today. Reflect on what God has done already. Because of my personal testimony and so many of yours, I know God has done great things already. You know God is perfecting you and what is connected to you because the enemy is increasing his attacks. Keep fasting. Let’s get ready for cycle two. Dr.J.

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Memory Verses Week 1:
Ephesians 6:10-12
II Corinthians 10:3-5

Fruit of the Spirit Week 1:

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