“Write the Vision, Make It Plain” by Dr.J. 2016 Fasting Post 7

Attention all fasters, we have homework! Before January 3, 2016 at 5:30 PM all of us should have a journal, notepad, or a composition notebook with at least the following written in it:

  • Your commitment to fast (a statement with the beginning date and end date for our fast)
  • What are you fasting from during the fast (in addition to choice foods and beverages – be specific)
  • The expected results of your fast (be explicit)
  • Your vision God has given you (even if you’re seeking God for clarity about the vision, write the vision any way)
  • Your prayer requests (be explicit)
  • Any sins the Holy Spirit has revealed to you or obvious sins with which you struggle and from which you need deliverance (this is your private journal so be real and honest with God)

You must go into this fast totally relying on the power of the Holy Spirit. We can’t start or complete a fast of this spiritual and physical magnitude without the power of the Holy Spirit. Fasting requires constant, consistent, and continual prayer throughout the day in order to make it through each day. That is why is it crucial that the first page of your journal includes your commitment statement, what you’re fasting from, the results you expect, and the vision. Each time you get weak, each time the enemy attacks which will be frequently (remember Jesus’s 40 day fast), review the first pages of your journal as you pray. It is a reminder of why you started the fast and how significant it is that you finish. The vision will help you to keep fasting when you feel like fainting. It is a major part of the fasting process. Dr.J.

Please comment on the blog or post when you have completed this homework assignment.

#Fast2016DrJ #WeAreAtWarFightHarder

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