“Alcohol, Sex, and Dirty Movies Can’t Go On This Fast With You” by Dr.J. 2016 Fast Post 4

I’m beginning to eliminate clutter little by little so I can focus on God. A fast requires us to clear our minds and hearts. Over these last six years of fasting, I have gone into a couple of fasts half heartedly.  I had not made up my mind to truly die to flesh and sacrifice my fleshly desires. The results? Spiritual setbacks and stagnation which impacted so many areas of my life.

Don’t go in if you’re not ready to go “all in.” Ask God today, “In addition to food and sin, what else do I need to give up so that I can hear from You about the vision and direction for my life, my marriage, my child, my career, my business venture, my ministry.  I know the results of this fast include You rewarding me (and my child) openly.”

You will be at war with your flesh from now until the end of your fast. Your stomach will hate you and try to dictate what you eat. Your flesh will crave eveything its used to having (alcohol, sex, dirty movies, books, and music, profanity,  etc.).You don’t need any distractions. This is too serious to go into half heartedly. Your whole life changes after this fast. Focus now. Dr.J.

#Fast2016DrJ #WeaAreatWarFightHarder


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