We Can’t Jump Into a Fast While Swimming in Sin by Dr.J.2016 Daniel Fast Post 3

Listen, we can’t just jump into a fast. We have to be in a submissive, sacrificial, and self-disciplined state of being NOW. We can’t do and say any and everything NOW and transform ourselves on January 3. Start fasting and sacrificing NOW before the fast begins. Relinquish sin to God and stay away from sin NOW. God has to be able to speak to you about your purpose, vision, and goals for fasting on January 3. Be quiet. Stay off social media except for spiritual purposes. Begin praying and listening for an answer from God Now. Dr.J.

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2016 Daniel Fast Menu for January 3 – January 23 Post 2

Eat all fruits, all vegetables, all whole grains, all nuts and seeds, All legumes, all quality oils, spring water, distilled water or other pure waters.

Avoid all meat and animal products, dairy products, all sweeteners, all leavened bread, all refined processed food with artificial flavorings, all deep fried foods, all solid fats, beverages other than water (pure fruit juice if you would like)