Whatever It Takes For My Son by Dr.J.

Whatever it takes! God put it on my heart a few months ago to write “letters” to my son every morning before I leave for work. When he wakes up to get ready for school, he has his own personal message (and some candy) that the Holy Spirit gives me for him every day.

I was wondering to myself how and if these letters would even impact his life (you know how the enemy attacks your mind). Well God had a sister in Christ to inbox me on Facebook. She said, “God woke me up in the midnight hour and told me to tell you to write letters to your son.” No one but my mom and a close friend even knows about that. I thought, How could she possibly know to say that? Nothing but the Holy Spirit. She said more too. That was the confirmation that I needed to keep writing letters to my son. God sent a confirming word just for me to keep planting and sowing in my son’s life in this way.

The Holy Spirit is amazing and God is so good to me. I don’t know what God is telling you to do for and say to your children this season, but just like I’m willing to obey God and minister to you, I will also do whatever it takes for my son and his spiritual growth. “Even if you can’t see the impact it has Jené keep sowing, his life depends on it.” Parents, we plant seeds into our children and God will do the rest. Dr.J.

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