Stop Airing Dirty Laundry On Social Media by Dr.J.

How do I avoid posting all my feelings, thoughts, and actions that the Holy Spirit did not tell me to post on social media?

How do I refrain from using social media in the manner the devil predicted by making subliminal posts that target and hurt specific people who I’m afraid to confront PRIVATELY in the spirit of love?

How do I stop blurting out my emotions all over the timeline as if the book is a virtual couch belonging to virtual psychologists and psychiatrists?

How can I yield NOT to the temptation to flood the book with pictures of myself in an effort to promote and increase me, get attention or evoke jealousy in someone else?

How do I suppress the urge to communicate my relationship issues through memes, quotes, pictures, and slick comments on social media to hurt the same one I supposedly love?

How can I be emotionally and mentally stable and consistently spiritual  instead of the display of double mindedness through my up-and-spiritual-one-moment down-and-carnal-the-next posts and comments on social media?

The answer to each question is the same – the fruit of the Holy Spirit. When we stay off the book and out of the flesh and get in the Book in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit begins to transform us. He stabilizes us. He counsels us. He teaches us. He helps us to heal. Then we begin to produce spiritual fruit such as gentleness, love, and self control.

Please recognize how the enemy uses social media THROUGH US. We have to be led by the Holy Spirit in all that we do. In order to be convicted by the Holy Spirit,  we have to be in relationship with God.  I know when I’m having a flesh moment. I don’t go near devices during those moments. Stay off the book airing your dirty laundry when you’re in the flesh. The book can’t be evil without our evil intentions. It’s purging season. Some stuff we can’t take into the next season. God wants to heal us and make us whole. Dr.J.

6 thoughts on “Stop Airing Dirty Laundry On Social Media by Dr.J.”

  1. You are so right about this. I’m guilty of this from time to time. This is one of those things I need to put on paper and ask for deliverance from during this fast. ✍🏾


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