Increase the Intensity of Your Warfare by Dr.J.

A minister spoke into me on Friday and said the Holy Spirit told him to tell me that I need to increase the intensity of my warfare against the devil. He told me I need to tap into and use the power of the blood in my warfare. He said I don’t fight the devil as hard as he comes for me. Jesus. He said for me to prepare for the battle ahead. So during prayer and Bible study with my sister, the Holy Spirit led me directly to John Eckhardt’s Releasing the Power of the Blood and Warfare Prayers in his book, Prayers That Rout Demons. I don’t know about you but I’m an end-times warrior for God. If God says get ready for a fight, He doesn’t have to tell me more than twice.

As we prepare for our January 2016 21-day vision fast, the enemy will forge attacks that we can’t even begin to fathom. We can’t cower in a corner and hide. There are consequences from God when we do that. Get ready for battle. For the remainder of the year, we’re doing Blood and Warfare confessions every night and every day. We aren’t afraid of the devil and we aren’t ignorant of his schemes. Fast before the 21-day fast even begins. Start seeking God now for His vision for you. Dr.J.

5 thoughts on “Increase the Intensity of Your Warfare by Dr.J.”

      1. right back at ya sis! 🙂
        I am fairly new to the topic of spiritual warfare, but I am definitely not new to what the devil can do.
        I am in a time and place where I am re-collecting my previous experiences being a Christian (Catholic) and being a pagan/artist dabbling in the occult and not knowing it.
        I have since renounced the work of the devil (paganism and the occult) and in the process of renouncing the people (might I add, close friends) who work with the devil without them knowing it.
        As far as my intimate space is concerned, I am utilizing cyberspace to get the Word (Jesus) out there. I am happy to meet you and see that you work for Jesus Christ, the One True Savior.
        I praise the Holy Spirit and I honor the spirit in you for the work that you do and the passion that I share. God bless you, His might angels send forth His abundance, guidance and protection to you and all the work that you do.
        God bless you all the way from Manila, Philippines and beyond!

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      2. I want you to know this comment has blessed me from the moment you’ve shared it with me. God has revealed so much to me since you commented that I’m in awe. Thanks so much for this powerful testimony. Because of your post, I’ve opened myself up to receiving more spiritual gifts from God that I’ve suppressed before out of fear. God bless you and thank God for your deliverance. I pray for the scales to fall off your friends eyes so that they too will be delievered. God was working on me and God has done some things in me after reading your testimony. Keep spreading God’s power as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

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