The Spirit of Pride by Dr.J.

Be careful. Put away foolish pride. Pride will have you going from 0 to 100 because you are offended. Pride will have you paranoid thinking that people are secretly out to get you. Pride will have you focused on self and being self-righteous. Pride will have you rush to get in a position for which you aren’t ready. Pride will have you mad because you’re not in position yet. Pride causes relationships to fail. It keeps you from saying, “I’m sorry.”

Pride will have you overtalking people and afraid to be silent for fear that you may be perceived as dull witted. Pride will have you claiming to have come up with all the ideas just so you can have all the credit. Pride will have you wavering back and forth, afraid to take a stand because you want everyone to accept you. Pride will have you thinking you can fix or change people and situations. 

Pride makes you forget the mistakes you’ve made (just today) as you turn up your nose in judgment at others. Pride makes you feel entitled. It makes you mistreat and hurt people. Pride will make you read this meditation and think “the Holy Spirit couldn’t possibly be speaking to me” or cause you to turn up your nose because you know that He is.

Pride looks just like ego, smells similar to arrogance,
and comes right before the fall.

The spirit of pride will creep on you and you won’t even know it’s there. Then, it will become so deeply rooted on the inside of you that you won’t acknowledge it, won’t accept correction about it, and won’t care that it’s there. Be careful about pride. Humble yourself and God will elevate you. Holy Spirit, we struggle in this area. Help us. Holy Spirit, continue to reveal to me and my brothers and sisters the spirit of pride in us. Then please Holy Spirit, get it out. Dr.J.

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