“I’m Going to be Celibate!” by Dr.Jené Walker

Celibacy is trending like crazy, or is it? Some of us made a confession with our mouths that our hearts, minds, and bodies didn’t agree with.

When we declared celibacy, we may have had genuine intentions. It may have been a form of manipulation to get what we want. It may have been to feign purity or we may have really tried but our minds weren’t made up. Some of us stopped the act of intercourse itself but did everything else sexual and otherwise still… Only what we do for Christ will last.

We don’t just focus on one area. “I’m going to be celibate.” God’s love transforms our whole being in every area. It’s a process.

God will show us the motives of our hearts. God knows if our motives are pure even when our bodies haven’t caught up. If we’ve truly been transformed by the renewal of our minds, God can help us develop self-control in that area as well as other areas of our lives. Stop trending and start transforming.  Jené Elaine Walker

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