“I’m Going to be Celibate!” by Dr.Jené Walker

Celibacy is trending like crazy, or is it? Some of us made a confession with our mouths that our hearts, minds, and bodies didn’t agree with.

When we declared celibacy, we may have had genuine intentions. It may have been a form of manipulation to get what we want. It may have been to feign purity or we may have really tried but our minds weren’t made up. Some of us stopped the act of intercourse itself but did everything else sexual and otherwise still… Only what we do for Christ will last.

We don’t just focus on one area. “I’m going to be celibate.” God’s love transforms our whole being in every area. It’s a process.

God will show us the motives of our hearts. God knows if our motives are pure even when our bodies haven’t caught up. If we’ve truly been transformed by the renewal of our minds, God can help us develop self-control in that area as well as other areas of our lives. Stop trending and start transforming.  Jené Elaine Walker

The Spirit of Pride by Dr.J.

Be careful. Put away foolish pride. Pride will have you going from 0 to 100 because you are offended. Pride will have you paranoid thinking that people are secretly out to get you. Pride will have you focused on self and being self-righteous. Pride will have you rush to get in a position for which you aren’t ready. Pride will have you mad because you’re not in position yet. Pride causes relationships to fail. It keeps you from saying, “I’m sorry.”

Pride will have you overtalking people and afraid to be silent for fear that you may be perceived as dull witted. Pride will have you claiming to have come up with all the ideas just so you can have all the credit. Pride will have you wavering back and forth, afraid to take a stand because you want everyone to accept you. Pride will have you thinking you can fix or change people and situations. 

Pride makes you forget the mistakes you’ve made (just today) as you turn up your nose in judgment at others. Pride makes you feel entitled. It makes you mistreat and hurt people. Pride will make you read this meditation and think “the Holy Spirit couldn’t possibly be speaking to me” or cause you to turn up your nose because you know that He is.

Pride looks just like ego, smells similar to arrogance,
and comes right before the fall.

The spirit of pride will creep on you and you won’t even know it’s there. Then, it will become so deeply rooted on the inside of you that you won’t acknowledge it, won’t accept correction about it, and won’t care that it’s there. Be careful about pride. Humble yourself and God will elevate you. Holy Spirit, we struggle in this area. Help us. Holy Spirit, continue to reveal to me and my brothers and sisters the spirit of pride in us. Then please Holy Spirit, get it out. Dr.J.

Prayer for Real Love by Dr.Jené Walker

Lord, we come to You as humbly as we know how, asking for forgiveness for our sins and giving You thanks and praise for who You are and all You’ve already done.

Lord, someone is on the verge of breaking down from the emptiness and lack of love he or she feels. Lord, someone is on the verge of going back to adultery or abusive relationships or inappropriate relationships just to feel loved, if only for one night. Lord, someone is on the verge of going back to sexual sin because he or she cannot hold out for love any longer. Lord, someone has confused sex with love. Lord, someone is in a loveless marriage, longing for companionship and passion, and has contemplated seeking love elsewhere. Lord, help us to know that all of this is deception from Satan himself.

Going back to sin and stepping out of the boundaries of love are fleshly decisions. Help us to operate in the spirit of self-control. Help us to have faith and not doubt that when You see fit, You will give us the desires of our hearts. Help us to fill the void in our hearts with the only true filler, which is You and Your Holy Spirit, God. Lord, we know that You love us and that You created us in love and with the desire for the love of a mate. We know that what You said in Your Word is true, so we believe You for unconditional love this season.

But meanwhile, we need touches of love from You each day, God. Every time we start to feel low, just a touch of love from You will penetrate our hearts and give us hope. Dispel all loneliness, hopelessness, and emptiness right now in the name of Jesus. Make us whole right now in the name of Jesus. Give us patience and peace while you transform us and our mates and prepare us and our mates for the love to come this season. In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray. Amen. Jené Elaine Walker