Is It the Pride In Me? by Dr.J.

God has a way of revealing pride in us so that we will allow Him to purge us before pride destroys us.

What is that uncomfortable feeling when see someone doing what I do but I think I can do it better? Is it the pride in me?

It is difficult to complete the assignments God has for you when you have residue of pride. Does it get under your skin if someone in authority doesn’t call your name in recognition? Does it bother you if you do all the work but someone else gets the credit? Does it agitate you that you have a gift but God hasn’t released you to operate in it yet? Does it make you feel “some kind of way” that someone in your same position is doing better than you and getting more attention? Does it irk you if someone calls on others to do something that you feel you’re better qualified to do? Pride. Pride. Pride. Pride. Pride.

We can’t pretend we don’t have these feelings. We can’t be delivered from pride if we allow pride to prevent us from admitting that pride is a stronghold. One important step to our healing is confessing the sin of pride. If you’re wondering what’s holding you back from your next assignment, ask God to show you the motives of your heart. Then let the Holy Spirit purge you from the spirit of pride. We have too much kingdom work to do to be held back by sin. Dr.J.

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