Coffee in a War Room by Dr.J.

Me and one of my sisters who is an accountability partner for me and also a fellow minister, had coffee in her War Room the other night. The space felt safe and warm and more importantly anointed. It is so important that along this journey you have someone who knows the Word of God, who provides a safe place for you to lay your head, and who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth (what God’s Word says only- not truth adulterated with her opinions).

It is crucial that as we battle in the spirit against our own fleshly desires that we have someone who has been there or who has these same struggles but who knows how to fight in the spirit. What a heavy burden to walk around pretending that you have everything together, that you don’t struggle, and that your life is perfect.

As God’s anointed (like Sampson), we can’t lay our heads just anywhere. God has orchestrated and ordained “laps” for us for such a time as this. He gives us discernment about what to share and with whom. He puts people in our lives who will be vessels for Him to help us along this journey. Every now and then, you just need a cup of coffee in a war room to help you make it through, to help you fight those demons assigned to you, and to unashamedly bear your soul. I thank God for my sister and coffee in a war room. Dr.J. #coffeeinawarroom #spiritualwarfare #laptime #aplacetobearmysoul

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