I’m Coming Out by Dr.J.

Walk in the boldness and power of the Holy Spirit. Someone has been oppressed for a long time. God says it is time to come out. The thing about being spiritually oppressed is that the enemy deceives you into thinking that you have to stay in a low place. He assigns as many spirits to you and others against you to keep you oppressed. The devil is lying. Believers have so much power. You don’t have to receive Satan’s lies. Stop giving the devil power in your life and with your words.

Walk in boldness now. Stop grieving the power of the Holy Spirit in you. It’s time to come out of oppression. Come out of oppression now in Jesus’s name. Come out of SIN. Come out of the bondage of Satan. Renounce the spirit of adultery. Renounce the spirit of seduction and fornication. Renounce lying and cheating and manipulating spirits in Jesus’s name.

Cast off suicidal and self-harming spirits. Cast off “o, woe is me” spirits. Cast off hate and bitterness from people who’ve hurt you and put on the spirit of love and all fruit of the Spirit. Cast off the spirit of fear every time it gets on you. Close all open doors of sin, low self-esteem, addictions, sex, stealing, high thoughts, condemnation, misappropriation of funds, and deceitfulness.

You’ve got to come out so you can go up higher in Christ. There is work to do and the enemy wants to hinder you from doing it. He’s trying to kill you. It’s time to fight now in Jesus’s name. Walk boldly today. Shout, “I’m coming out!” Dr.J.

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